Episode 23: Our Northern Neighbors’ Universal Healthcare

Dr. Shauna MacDonald recounts her childhood health experiences growing up in Canada including her premature birth and five-week stay in the hospital (neonatal intensive care unit), her parents never had to pay a cent. In contrast, the average cost of an infant in a U.S. NICU is $3,000/day. Shauna shares some of her more recent encounters in the U.S. healthcare system and adds, “There was no question about how much it will cost [in Canada]….but here [U.S.], I think long and hard before I go to the hospital”. Shauna shares a brief history of the Canadian healthcare system, along with some of its inequities, and reminds us, “No system is perfect”. With medical bills being the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S., Shauna reminds us that with universal healthcare, “no one will be denied care because they cannot pay”.


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