Episode 22: From Political Refugee to Physician – U.S. vs. National Healthcare

What is it like to treat patients in the U.S. after living in a country with free healthcare? Dr. Marlene Gonzalez takes listeners on an unforgettable and inspiring journey from her teenage years as a political refugee to her current role as a physician caring for patients from around the globe. At the age of 13, Marlene emigrated with her family from Cuba to San Francisco, speaking only Spanish. Less than a decade later, she not only learned English but she also earned a degree in Biomedical Sciences, a medical degree, and recently completed her residency in Family Medicine. Dr. Gonzalez compares the pros and cons of Cuban and U.S. healthcare systems and how her personal experiences as a refugee have impacted her patient-centered care. Dr. Gonzalez provides tips for other Spanish-speaking patients, in Spanish, and reminds all of us why international physicians are vital to our U.S. healthcare system.

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