Episode 12: Coming Out to Your Physician: Caring for Members of the LGBTQIA Community

Over the past five years, Dr. Beth has learned the importance of asking patients, “…what is your preferred name and what are your pronouns?” It is a crucial question she didn’t know to ask earlier in her medical career, having received insufficient training in LGBTQ health. After months of caring for a patient with unexplained breast pain, Dr. Beth eventually learned the cause when the patient courageously chose to share his identity story with her. Dr. Beth offers tips to other clinicians for creating an environment that encourages patients to share their stories (e.g., waiting room, intake forms, types of questions) and addresses the need for clinicians to practice humility when treating a diversified patient population. Dr. Beth finishes the podcast with advice for patients and loved ones of LGBTQIA-identified individuals (e.g., disclose your gender identity and sexual orientation with your physician because it can impact your health and the medical care you receive).

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