Chronic Pain, Chiropractic Care & the “Art of Medicine”

In the U.S., 20.4% of adults (50 million) live with chronic pain ( The recommendation? Add chiropractic medicine to your usual medical care for treating back pain ( As Dr. Paul Braadt explains, patients with chronic pain often travel up the hierarchical healthcare ladder through a referral pattern—seeing multiple specialists for pain management. If your treatment journey is not producing the results you want, Dr. Braadt recommends “a different kind of spine specialist…a mechanical [one]…since most spine pain is mechanical in nature.” For the skeptics of chiropractic care he states, “…studies indicate chiropractic is one of the safest modalities in healthcare…” and “if people are not 50% improved within 6 weeks, we know we’re on the wrong track.” With chiropractic medicine, we are moving from the current “business of medicine” model back to the “art of medicine”.


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