A Profession of Unsung Heroes in Medicine

“So you’re more than just drug pushers?” asks the podcast host in this week’s episode about the unsung heroes of medicine. Drs. Katrina and Elie Jabbour—the podcast’s first clinical couple—reveal to listeners the relatively unknown world of pharmacy and how little we know about the profession beyond the prescriptions we get filled at the local pharmacy. As Elie states, “We are the invisible healthcare provider behind the scene” and adds, “What you may not know is that pharmacists are reviewing every medication order that comes across in the hospital…” and helping to keep drug costs down. The Jabbour duo strongly recommend asking more questions of your pharmacist and reconsider checking the “No” box to decline counseling with a pharmacist the next time you pick up your prescription. The primary questions you should be asking about your medications: 1) “How should I take this (medication)?”, 2) “What side effects should I expect?”, 3) “What do I do if I miss a dose?”, 4) “How do I take it (e.g., with food)?”, and 5) “When should I call my doctor?” And Katrina reminds us, “There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work…be patient [when getting your prescription filled], there are multiple steps that go into it.”

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