Episode 2: The Accidental Patient – Part 2

Dr. Burke returns to the podcast to continue his story of “life after the accident” and what it was like being a chronic patient traveling through The Shire. He recounts his experiences seeing six specialists, including a psychologist who offered perspective and addressed the emotional stress Dr. Burke was feeling. The importance of vulnerability as a patient and having your PCP (primary care provider) help coordinate your care is mentioned along with the  responsibility we all have to take care of ourselves.

Episode 1: The Accidental Patient – Part I

In this podcast interview, Dr. Burke shares what happened when he became a patient at the hospital where he works due to a tractor-trailer accident. He reveals why doctors in the ER often ask patients the same questions and the importance of having trust in clinicians. Dr. Burke details how being a patient impacted the way he provides care, reminds caregivers why self care is important to avoid Caregiver/Physician Syndrome, and why he has a primary care provider (PCP) for the first time in his life.


Health Stories Podcast

In my podcast entitled “Health Stories” we invite you to listen in on the real-life stories of clinicians and patients. In these interviews, our guests reflect on their experiences and share with all of us their insights and suggestions for how to navigate our complex U.S. healthcare system.